Links and Things for 9/3

3 Sep

First off I need a name for this daily links column, if you have any suggestions please hit me up on twitter (@trueblueusu) or leave a comment on the facebook page.

Today is college colors day so wear your Aggie Blue and Fighting White proudly. I went with the shirts The Refraction crew wore the day Utah State beat #9 Nevada in 2007. If you feel like reliving that moment, have 3:28 to spare, and like getting goosebumps check out the highlight video Fafner made for it here .

Parsing the WAC has some news and notes about some recruiting prospects around the WAC. If you aren’t reading PTW daily and you like basketball I suggest you change that immediately.

Tony Jones has an article about Oklahoma being the last “body bag” game for the USU football team

Tomorrow is game day for Utah State as they play @ Oklahoma. The HURD is having a viewing party in the TSC if you are in the Logan area picked up on a Wild Bill blog post

In WAC news Idaho thumped North Dakota 45-0, Nevada beat Eastern Washington 49-24, and Hawaii lost to USC in a game where tackling was not allowed 49-36.

Remember tomorrow is game day! Wear your Aggie Blue with pride


Morning Reading 9-2-10

2 Sep

A happy 9-02-10 day to all of you. Here are this mornings relevant links and info:

Scott Barnes has a follow up letter regarding the fate of the WAC

The official site also has the press release for the football teams Saturday game @ Oklahoma

Tony Jones has a post about this season being an audition for USU

Matt Sonnenberg wants to start some Romney Magic

Boise State is going to wear some hideous jerseys this year thanks to Nike.

Today starts college football season. The WAC gets underway with Eastern Washington @ Nevada, North Dakota @ Idaho and USC @ Hawaii tonight.

Happy football season everyone.

New Blog

2 Sep

Welcome to the True Blue USU blog, a blog devoted to Utah State University athletics.  Check back often for links, analysis, and other non-sense relating to USU.

Thanks for reading!